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Cute Photo Styles Pro - Kids Toys Camera Editing Software for Education

Ensino Estilo de vida
Developer: XIU-YING LIN
25.99 USD

Kids Toys Camera Editing Software for Education - Kids Design for a Good Cause, Cute Photo Studio add fully original and striking effects to your photos and give them style, You can adjust the photo with film fade, exposure, temperature, contrast, tint, highlights, shadows, saturation, vibrance, grain, sharpen, vignette.

Film - Transports your digital photo back to an authentic, old school film look with unique colors.
B&W - Bring out the soul of colored photo with monochrome of visual arts.
Tones - Turn your lifes moments into different color tones with these effects.
Vintage - Instantly give your photos a timeless vintage feel inspired by popular film treatments.
Lomo - Set your photos apart ordinary with unique coloring, high contrast, and dark vignettes.